1. What is a cookie

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your PC, laptop, telephone or other device, with information on your movements on that website. Cookies are needed to facilitate browsing and make the website user-friendly, and they do not damage your computer.

While this policy uses the general term “cookie”, as it is the main method for storing information used by this website, the browser's Local Storage area is also used for the same purposes as the cookies. All the information included in this section also applies to this Local Storage.

2. What are cookies used for on this website

Cookies are an essential part of how the FAEMD website/web-shop works. The main purpose of our cookies is to improve your browsing experience. For example the cookies are used to remember your preferences such as language, country, etc. while browsing on our website/web-shop and on future visits.

In addition the information collected in the cookies enables us to improve the site by estimating user quantities and patterns, the website’s suitability to individuals’ interests and enable quicker searches, etc.

Furthermore, with your prior consent of this cookie statement we may use cookies, tags or other similar technics to in cooperation with Google obtain information that enables us to show you, on our own website, those of third parties, or by any other means, advertising based on the analysis of your browsing behaviour.

3. What are cookies on this website not used for

We do not store sensitive information which could identify you as your address, password, credit or debit card number, etc. in the cookies from our website.

4. Who has access/use this website’s cookies

The information stored in the cookies from our website is used exclusively by us, except for those that are used and managed by external parties to provide services we requested them to provide to improve our services and user experience while using our website. The primary services for which these third-party cookies are used are to collect access statistics and to guarantee executed payment transactions.

5. How can I avoid using cookies on this website

In case you, taking into account the above mentioned limitations, prefer to avoid the use of cookies on this web-shop/website, firstly you should disable the use of cookies in your browser and subsequently delete the cookies associated with our web-shop/website that were saved in your browser earlier. You can do this at any time.

6. How can I disable and eliminate the use of cookies

You can at any time moment restrict, block or delete the cookies from this website/web-shop at any time. While settings are different in each browser and depending your device, usually the cookies configuration can be found under Preferences or Tools. For further details on the cookie configuration in your browser please refer to the “Help-menu” on your device.

7. What cookies are used by this website and for what purposes

The below table shows the cookies used by this website/web-shop and which information they store. Although FAEMD’s aim is to update this table as soon as possible when applicable, FAEMD cannot guarantee this list to be complete at all times. 

8. Privacy

FAEMD only collects personal information that was provided voluntarily (also refer to FAEMD’s Privacy Policy). By using FAEMD’s website you accept our Privacy Policy and you permit FAEMD to save your personal information and use this information for static and direct marketing purposes. In case you do not want to receive any direct marketing information you can inform FAEMD by sending an e-mail to support@FAEMD.com.

Latest update 1 March 2017




The association with the user’s shopping cart


Stores the category info viewed by the user, allowing to quicker display pages


Your preferred currency


An encrypted version of your customer ID with FAEMD


An indicator if the user is currently logged to in the web-shop.


An encrypted version of the customer group the user belongs to


Stores the Customer Segment ID


Indicates whether caching is disabled or not


The user’s session ID on the server


Allows guests who are not logged on to the web-shop to edit their orders


The last product category you visited in de web-shop


The most recent product you have viewed.


Indicates whether a new message has been received


Indicates whether it is allowed to use cache


A link to information about your cart and viewing history


Information on products you have emailed to friends


The store view or language you have selected.


Indicates whether a customer allowed to use cookies


The products that you have recently viewed


An encrypted list of products added to your Wish-list


The number of items in your Wish-list.

Google Analytics (__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz...)


These allow monitoring of FAEMD’s website by means of the Google Analytics tool, a service provided by Google to obtain visit information for websites. Data is collected and saved for further analyses, such as the number of times a user visits the website, dates of the first and last visit of the user, duration of the visits, from what page the user accessed the website, what search engine the user used to reach the website or what link the user clicked on, from what place of the world the user accesses, etc.

The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the services offered by Google and therefore we suggest that you review Google Analytics’ privacy page (http://www.google.com/intl/es/analytics/privacyoverview.html)for further information on the cookies that Google Analytics uses and how to disable these, noting that FAEMD is not responsible for the content and accuracy of  third-party websites.